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Advance humanity by accelerating AI adoption

MissingLink empowers everyone - from startups to the world’s largest companies - with everything they need to streamline their deep learning lifecycle and deliver exceptional AI applications.

Our story came to be in 2016, when Yosi Taguri, Shay Erlichmen, and Rahav Lussato set out to solve a huge pain they experienced as software engineers. At their previous company, they worked on a deep learning project and came to a realization: this shouldn’t suck so much. Building and training models involved time-consuming, tedious activities. It was taking too long and was frustrating. As engineers, they knew there must be a better way — and they were going to make it a reality. Soon after they were joined by Joe Salomon, who had similar experiences, and MissingLink was born.

MissingLink is headquartered

Tel Aviv, with offices in San Francisco, Mountain View, and New York.

Tel - Aviv


San Francisco

California, USA

Mountain View

California, USA

Meet the team

Meet the team behind MissingLink and how they work toward
transforming the way data scientists and engineers work.

Yosi Taguri


Shay Erlichmen - MissingLink

Shay Erlichmen


Rahav Bussato - MissingLink

Rahav Lussato

Lead Engineer

Joe Salomon - MissingLink

Joe Salomon

VP Product

Simon Sommer-Yakov

Senior Backend Engineer

Yuval Greenfield

Developer Relations

Gal Shenhav

Head of Engineering

Adam Morad

Design Director

Noa Gilboa


Shahar Gigi

Data Scientist

Idan Kober

Product Manager

Adam Farhi

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Sam Awrabi

Head of Customer Relations

Jesse Freeman

Chief Evangelist

Jason Passanisi

Customer Success Lead

Moshe Kruger

Technical Writer

Andrey Zakharevich

Backend Engineer

Gilad Ventura

Frontend Engineer

Elvira Gandelman

Backend Engineer

Brian Herschaft

Customer Success

Udi Luxenburg

Senior Backend Engineer

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