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Important Announcement

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To our customers, partners, and the broader AI community,

Our team has made the decision to shut down the product and business.

We believe in the future of the AI industry and all the amazing ways our customers are changing the world leveraging this ground-breaking technology. We see the value that our software and service has provided to help accelerate development progress. We, however, observed the uniqueness of our audience’s technical environments and fragmentation of their needs, which resulted in a model that was not sustainable long term. From here, our talented team will regroup and refocus our efforts in more established parts of the development process to better serve this AI community.

As a result, MissingLink product will no longer be adding new customers. If you are an existing customer, you will be able to continue to use the service until a specified period of time that we will communicate with you directly.

We want to express our deepest appreciation for all your support.

For those looking to connect, please reach out to us directly at [email protected]

-The MissingLink Leadership Team


What are you announcing today?

We are announcing the closure of the business. This means that no new customers will be able to sign up for the product starting today..

What led you to make this decision and why now?

First we want to reiterate that are a big believer in AI and will continue to make investments in the space. However we have not seen product market fit with the current version of the product in the emerging AI market.

When do the changes go into effect and how long will the products be available? Can you share key dates / milestones?

We are not longer signing up new customers. All existing customers will be able to use the platform until the end of 2019. In this period we will provide basic maintenance and will work with our customers on transitions.

How will it impact other Samsung NEXT portfolio of products?

This does not impact any other companies within our portfolio. We remain committed to AI as an industry and to the Tel Aviv region as well.

What happens to the customer access / data?

Customers maintained their own data. All customers will have access to the platform until the end of Dec 2019. We will also be scheduling individual meetings with each customer to offer guidance on potential alternatives.

What happens if I pre-paid to receive services after the termination date?

Per our Terms of Service, in the event of a termination of services, the Company shall refund to you on a pro-rata basis that portion of any fees you previously have paid which are attributable to a time period after such termination.

Who do I contact if you have any questions / concerns?

[email protected]

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