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Authorization Commands

The ml auth command group provides facilities for authorization.

The following commands can be used together with ml auth:


Authenticates the CLI.

When you run the command, a browser opens for you to log in. After a successful login, you will see a message confirming success. For example, "User authenticated. Close this tab and go back to the console."


The following flags are available with the ml auth init command:

  • --webserver/--disable-webserver

    Enables or disables a Web server. A Web server runs by default.

    When running ml auth init on machines without browsers, it is recommended to use the --disable-webserver flag. Instead of opening a browser, you will be given a URL and be prompted to enter a token. Using the URL on a different machine with a browser will provide the token that you need to enter.


Creates a service token for a specific resource.

The following flags are available with the ml auth resource command:

  • --org TEXT

    Organization to use.


Displays the Id, email address, and user name of the current user.


In this example, the ml auth whoami command is used with the global -o option to print the output as a JSON structure:

ml -o json auth whoami

The output looks something like this:

{"user_id": "bd748656-6815-4ae5-bcf4-3b09c911f43f", "name": "Joe Smith", "email": "[email protected]"}