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Models Commands

The ml models command group provides facilities for managing models.


Calculates the weights hash of the trained neural network.

The following flags are available with the ml models get-weights-hash command:

  • --framework [keras | tf | pytorch | caffe]

    Framework used.


  • --model PATH

    Filepath of the saved model.


    For Caffe, provide the filepath of the model definition file.

  • --weights PATH

    For Caffe only, the filepath of the saved weights.


For a Keras model:

ml models get-weights-hash --framework keras --model checkpoint.hdf5

For a TensorFlow model:

ml models get-weights-hash --framework tf --model models/checkpoint.ckpt

For a Caffe model:

ml model get-weights-hash --framework caffe --model train.prototxt --weights checkpoints.caffemodel