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Organization Commands

About the --org flag

Many commands have an --org flag for specifying an organization.

If you do not specify an organization for those commands:

  • If there is only one organization found, MissingLink uses that.
  • If there is more than one organization, a list of those found is shown and you are prompted to choose one before the command is executed.


This ml orgs command group provides facilities for control of organizations.

The following commands can be used together with ml orgs:


Creates a new organization and attaches it to the authenticated user.

  • --org TEXT

    Organization to use

  • --display-name TEXT

    Name to show in the display.

  • --description TEXT

    More detailed description of the organization.


ml orgs create  --display-name myOrgDisplayName \
    --description myOrgDescription


Lists the organizations that are attached to the authenticated user.


Lists the members in the specified organization.

  • --org TEXT

    Organization name.


Removes members from the specified organization.

  • --org TEXT

    Organization name.

  • --email TEXT

    Email address(es) of member(s) to remove.

    You can use this flag multiple times in a single command.