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Inviting and Uninviting Coworkers to and from an Organization

You can invite coworkers to join any organization of which you are a member. You can also remove coworkers from an organization.

Inviting coworkers to an organization

To invite a coworker, you use the Invite colleagues window that is accessible from the Profile menu.

Step 2

The name of the current project is displayed under the login name. In the image, it is missinglinkdemo.

To invite one or more coworkers to join the current project:

  1. Click Profile > Invite to <project_name>.

    The following window is displayed:

    Step 2

  2. Type in the email of the coworker you wish to invite and click Add invitation.

  3. Repeat for all the coworkers you wish to add.

  4. Click Invite.

Uninviting coworkers from an organization

To uninvite a coworker, use the ml orgs remove-members CLI command.

For example, to remove a coworker whose email address is: [email protected] from the current organization, run:

ml orgs --remove-members --email [email protected] --org myorg

You can use the --email flag multiple times.

For more information on the command, see the CLI reference.