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Working with Metadata

MissingLink provides several methods for working with metadata.

Working with metadata using the CLI commands

Use the ml data metadata add command to add metadata to a data volume. There are flags for adding and updating metadata.

See the examples in the MissingLink CLI.

After adding metadata to a data volume using the MissingLink CLI, you will be able to see the metadata as part of the query.

Added Metadata


Currently, there are no locks implemented when adding data to data volumes. If multiple people are concurrently adding metadata to the same data volume, make sure that there are no conflicts.

Deleting metadata

MissingLink does not currently support metadata delete.

If you wish, you can manage the delete logically on your own by adding a metadata field isDeleted and assigning it the value True for all metadata files you wish to delete. You can then query and filter out files where isDeleted:True.

Working with metadata using the @group_by operator

The @group_by operator lets you group several data files into one data point, such as an image with its annotation file.

See details and the example in Special query operators.