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Query Interface

This topic describes how to query the data of your data volumes on MissingLink.

  1. Display the list of data volumes in the Data Management dashboard, then click the data volume that you want to query.

    Step 1

  2. Click the staging version or the specific commit that you want to query in the specific data volume.

    Step 1


    1. When operating on the staging section, your queries will be running only on the data currently in the staging version.

    2. When operating on a specific version, your queries will be running on all the data up to and including that particular commit. For example, if you have two versions of your dataset and in each version, you've added 1000 data points, an empty query on the latest version will return 2000 data points.

  3. Click Run to preview all the data in the data volume.

    Step 3

    To narrow the query: type in a command in the space as shown and click Run.

    Step 4