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Injecting External Charts Using MissingLink CLI

This topic shows you how to inject a custom chart into a given experiment using the ml experiments update-chart command.


  • Install and authenticate MissingLink CLI.
  • Get the id of the experiment or weights_hash of the model of the experiment you wish to inject the chart into.
  • Create an array of X axis and array of Y axis values.
    • X axis points - Array of m data points. Elements can be Strings, Ints, and Floats. For example [0,1,2], [0.1,0.2,0.3] or ["One","2","3.0"]. The type must be consistent between the elements of the array.
    • Y axis points - Array/Matrix of m data values. Can be either an array of m Integers/Floats or a matrix (having n Ints/Floats each), or a full matrix describing the values of every y chart in every data point, for example [0.0,0.1,0.2] or [[11,22],[44,55],[77,88]].


See the ml models get-weights-hash command for instructions on how to get the weights hash of a model.

Write code

See the MissingLink CLI reference for a complete description of the ml experiments update-chart command and the available flags. Examples are provided.