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Graceful Shutdown for Keras

This topic shows you how to gracefully shutdown an experiment. The topic builds on Getting Started for Keras.

The following steps are covered:

  • Create a stopped callback function.
  • Set the stopped callback function to MissingLink's callback.
  • Stop the experiment from MissingLink's dashboard.


Go through Getting Started for Keras.


Ensure that you can successfully run the training script that resulted from integration with the MissingLink SDK. In the steps that follow below, the script is further developed to include hyperparams.

Write code

  1. Create a stopped callback function.

    Right above the declaration of MissingLink's callback, define your stopped callback:

    def start_new_experiment():
        # Write code here that starts a new experiment
    def log_experiment_to_internal_log():
        # Write code here that logs important information
        # to your internal logs
    def stopped_callback():
    missinglink_callback = missinglink.KerasCallback(
        owner_id=OWNER_ID, project_token=PROJECT_TOKEN)
  2. Set the stopped callback to be called.

    In the base script, modify the declaration of MissingLink's callback to the following:

    missinglink_callback = missinglink.KerasCallback(
        owner_id=OWNER_ID, project_token=PROJECT_TOKEN,

    You are done adding the graceful shutdown callback to your experiment.

    You can find the full, updated script here.

  3. Now run the script and stop it using the dashboard.

    Stop the experiment through the dashboard while it is still running.

    Go to the MissingLink dashboard, navigate to the experiment, and click Stop.

    In the MissingLink dashboard, navigate to the Keras experiment, and click Stop

    You are prompted to confirm the action. Click Stop as shown. Confirm the Stop action in the Keras experiment

    You should have successfully executed a graceful shutdown of your experiment. Notice that instead of having an exception raised in the environment where you ran the experiment, Experiment stopped from the web appears.

View the addition in the dashboard

You can see the experiment has been marked Stopped in the dashboard.

the Keras experiment has been marked Stopped in the dashboard