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MissingLink Command Line Interface for Accessing and Manipulating your AI Projects

The MissingLink CLI provides a fast and convenient way to access and manipulate your experiments using MissingLink infrastructure.


To install MissingLink CLI, run the following commands in the terminal:

$ sudo easy_install pip  # install pip if you haven't
$ pip install missinglink

To verify that MissingLink CLI is successfully installed, run ml to see its usage.


MissingLink CLI is a self-updating package and will automatically upgrade to the latest version whenever you run the CLI.

$ ml




You need to first authenticate before accessing your AI projects using MissingLink.

ml auth init

A browser opens for you to log in as when you log in to your Missing Link AI admin dashboard. After a successful login, you will be notified of success, for example "User authenticated. Close this tab and go back to the console."

In case you are running ml auth on machines without browsers, it is recommended to use the --disable-webserver flag. Instead of opening a browser, you will be given a URL and be prompted to enter a token. Using the URL on a different machine with a browser will provide the token that you need to enter.