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Utility Commands

Output options

$ ml --outputformat [tables|json]

This option control the structure of the output of any ml command the default is tables. In case you are using the MissingLink CLI as part of a 3rd-party script, we have added the JSON format for easier manipulation of the return values. The command has a shortcut of -o.

Model hash retrieval

MissingLink CLI can calculate your model's weights hash which can be used for more advanced integration like sending external metrics and charts

# For a Keras model
ml models getWeightsHash --framework keras --model checkpoint.hdf5

# For a TensorFlow model
ml models getWeightsHash --framework tf --model models/checkpoint.ckpt

# For a Caffe model
ml model getWeightsHash --framework caffe --model train.prototxt \
        --weights checkpoints.caffemodel

Code Tracking

For a full overview for this feature, see Source Tracking. You can establish source tracking by calling:

ml code track  --source-repository=https://github.mock/myorg/myrepo [email protected]:myorg/myrepo_tracking.git
  • Both http[s]:// and git schemes are supported.
  • The mapping is available to any project started by an owner with access to the specified ORG.
  • The tracking is enabled for every future experiment.


When setting up tracking using MissingLink CLI, both repositories MUST belong to the same organization. In the above example, attempt to [email protected]:notmyorg/myrepo_tracking.git would yield error.


ml version

Return the version of MissingLink CLI installed on your environment.