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Git Access Policies

If you are working with a custom docker image that is hosted in a private repository, you need to provide login credentials for that repository. Currently, MissingLink supports custom docker credentials on a per-job basis, so you can not store the credentials in your recipe files.

ml run xp --docker-user "MY_DOCKER_USER" --docker-password "MY_DOCKER_PASSWORD"  --docker-host ""
For more information regarding MissingLink encryption procedures, see Using confidential data.


Encrypted environment variables can not be stored in the recipe file. It is recommended that you pass them as environment variables to avoid having them stored in your bash history file, so:

ml run xp --docker-user "{MY_DOCKER_USER}" --docker-password "{MY_DOCKER_PASSWORD}"  --docker-host ""

When running in AWS and the private image is hosted on ECR, MissingLink will automatically perform docker login - there is no need to provide credentials.