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Configuring Hybrid Cloud Access

To use cloud features such as data volumes and artifact management, jobs running on local grids or workstations can authenticate to cloud providers, reusing the credentials of the hosting computer. This behavior is controlled by the following flags:

  • --link-aws/--no-aws-link: When configuring the aws-cli an .aws folder is created in your home directory. The folder contains your AWS credentials. When “linked,” the folder will be mounted in your jobs and Resource Manager, allowing them to use the credentials of the host to access AWS services. Defaults to --link-aws.
  • --env-aws/--no-aws-env: Similar to the .aws folder, AWS allows authentication using environment variables. Defaults to --env-aws.
  • --link-gcp/--no-gcp: Similar to AWS, GCP also has its default directory and this flag allows the folder to be mounted in your jobs and Resource Manager to call GCP APIs. Defaults to --link-gcp.
  • --link-azure/--no-azure: Similar to AWS. Azure works exactly like the link-aws and link-gcp options, mounting the .azure folder into a container. Defaults to --link-azure.