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Configuring Queues with the CLI

This topic describes how to configure queues using the MissingLink CLI.

Let's assume your organization has two teams. Team One requires strong GPUs for their jobs, while Team Two can suffice with weaker CPUs.

To set up resources to meet these requirements, you would perform the following steps:

  1. Create the queues:

    ml resources queue --create TeamOne
    ml resources queue --create TeamTwo
  2. Assign pre-existing resource groups to the new queues:

    ml resources group "Strong GPUs" --set queue TeamOne # "Strong GPUs" is displayed in the dashboard for this resource group
    ml resources group "Weak CPUs" --set queue TeamTwo # "Weak CPUs" is displayed for this resource group
  3. Now, run jobs using ml run xp, specifying in which queues to run them:

    ml run xp --queue TeamOne
    ml run xp --queue TeamTwo

For more information, see the following commands in the CLI reference: