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Configuring Queues with the Dashboard

This topic shows you how to add or edit queue settings using the MissingLink dashboard.

For a description of the MissingLink CLI commands and options for queue configuration, see Configuring queues using MissingLink CLI.

Creating Queues

  1. Click Queues in the navigation pane to display the list of existing queues.

    Step 1

  2. Click New Queue. The Queue Wizard is displayed.

    Step 1

  3. Provide a name and description for the queue. Click Next.

  4. Select which cloud provider you want to run your experiments on.

    • For Azure, also select a location from the list.
    • For AWS, also select a region from the list.

    Step 1

    Click Next.

  5. A queue must contain at least one resource group. Define settings for the resource group. Step 1

    See the following topics for a description of the fields in this screen: