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Basic Resource Group Settings for Amazon AWS

This topic describes the fields that are required for configuring resource groups in an Amazon AWS cloud.

You can configure additional settings for resource groups by using the ml resources group command. For more information on the command and the available flags, see the CLI reference.


Defines the group's priority in processing new jobs. A group with higher priority will process the job before a group with lower priority.

Use the slider to set a value.

Pricing model

Sets the pricing model for new machines.

Select Bid or On-demand.

  • In the case of Bid, specify a price per hour that you're willing to pay for the spot instances.
  • In case of On-demand, the value is determined according to the Amazon agreement.


Defines the maximum number of machines that can be created by the group.

Instance type

Defines the hardware of the host machine used for the instance.

  • Choose a value from the list.
  • The default value is p3.2xlarge.

Disk size

Defines the size (in GB) of the disk to attach to the instance.

  • You can specify a positive integer only.
  • The default value is 100.

Idle timeout

Defines the number of minutes during which the machine can be idle before MissingLink shuts it down.

  • You can specify a positive integer only.
  • The default value is 10.