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Job execution Using the Dashboard

The MissingLink dashboard lets you view jobs and job logs. It also lets you delete pending jobs.

Viewing jobs

You can view running, pending, and completed jobs.

  1. Click Jobs in the navigation pane.

    Step 2

  2. Click Running/Pending or Completed, as required.

Viewing job logs

You can view the log of any job that is running or has completed.

  1. Click Running/Pending or Completed.

    Step 3

    The list of jobs is displayed.

  2. Click a job to see its execution log:

    Step 4

Deleting a pending job

  1. Click Pending to see the list of jobs in the execution queue.

    The list of jobs is displayed.

  2. Click the recycle bin icon at the extreme right of the job to delete it.

    Step 5